Keston Boilers – ACV, Condensing Boiler and Heat Exchangers

KestonDesigned to meet the needs of domestic and light commercial conditions, Keston’s wide range of boilers are easy to install and built with tried and tested, innovative, technologies.

About the Company

Established in 1928 as a domestic and commercial heating servicing and installation company, Keston became popular in the domestic market for their Keston 50, 60, and 80 boilers that ranged from 15 to 24kW. Following their continued success in the domestic sector, Keston entered into the light commercial market with their Keston 170 (50kW), then the Keston 130 (38kW) in 1998.The company’s latest Keston range have the reputation of being the most energy efficient boiler technologies on the market (approximately 110% part load), earning a high Sedbuk rating. The company’s heat only range was a runner up for the 2014 H&V News Awards as the “Domestic Heating Product of the Year”.

About Keston Boilers

Keston’s wide range of high quality boilers are quick and easy to install and affordable. The all new line-up that was released in 2013 included domestic and light commercial boiler models, both with twin flue functionality, designed and built for the British market. The 2013 range included Combi, heat only and system boilers, ranging from 30Kw to 55kW.

Keston Range of Products

Besides their state of the art domestic and commercial boilers, Keston manufactures a range of Solar thermal, Photovoltaics’, Ground and Air source heat pumps, renewable technologies that are also highly rated. In addition, Keston carries LPG kits for their system and Combi boiler ranges.

Essentially, Keston provides straightforward, hassle free, one-stop boiler and other heat related product solutions. Because the company understands that no two installation sites are the same, they’ve made it a point to produce efficient, value added products that make it possible to get the job done quickly and successfully.