Print Audit

It’s virtually impossible for a high-functioning business today to get along without some type of printing support. Necessary for basic office functions like documentation management, paper organisation, and form printing for clients, managed print services are sought after by a majority of organisations in the UK.

Cognizant of this demand, more and more companies are offering print management. Once a printing partner is selected, they are then responsible for managing all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, faxes, and copiers. By optimising your use of these products, it will enable you to save overhead money on disorganised management, as well as reduce your paper consumption while increasing efficiency. Consolidating hardware into multifunctional photocopiers, that perform the tasks of multiple stand-alone  machines, can save on fixed costs.

Other services available under the managed print services umbrella include printing analysis, reduction of local printers, another term used for old, costly machines, streamlined printer replacement when a machine breaks down, efficient replacement of old devices that are compatible with the printer, and automated supply delivery for every office requirement.

Print Audit Software

Print audit software, also referred to as print management and cost recovery software, is auditing software that provides print tracking and copies audition tools to office equipment dealers and end-users. Having this kind of tracking information helps businesses to maximise their efficiency while keeping tabs on the amount of expenses and printing-related office procedures that are going one every day. For managed print services specifically, its vital suppliers are up-to-date on all of the latest industry tech gadgets for quick and unwavering client support.

Free Print Audit Report

Many companies are now offering free print audits. When done correctly this can offer a real insight to overall costs of printing. A print audit should be a thorough assessment of your printing infrastructure. The report should contain overall cost of usage including purchase/lease costs, service, ink, toner and consumables. The report should provide a plan to reduce overall printing costs, devices and supplies while meeting the requirements of the business.



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