Mitel – Phone Systems for Business and VoIP Solutions


Mitel provides a selection of high quality, top of the market unified communications solutions for a variety of businesses. They are a popular choice for professional communications products and services and have a well-regarded reputation in the industry.

About the Company

Mitel is a multinational market leader when it comes to unified communications for businesses, and the company has nearly 70 million users in around 100 different countries. Mitel’s cloud powers over two billion business connections. Businesses all over the world rely on Mitel’s high standard and reliable services for communications to run smoothly, and Mitel appreciates that this is an important part of your business’ operations, and you can’t afford for it to go wrong.

Mitel has a dedicated focus on helping customers advance their communications processes from where they are currently to where they aim to be. They help your vision of smooth, seamless communication with minimal disruptions to become a reality. Mitel has been an industry pioneer for over 45 years, and all this experience leads up to the delivery of excellent services to its customers. Their unbridled passion for helping customers achieve their goals means that your satisfaction is the priority.

About the Phone Systems

Mitel offers a lot of different solutions, and the one that fits you and your business will depend on a number of factors. There are unified communications packages designed for businesses of all sizes: small, midsize and enterprise-level.

Mitel provides business phone systems (cloud based or on-site both available), collaboration software, devices and accessories.