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Mono CopiersMono copiers have been an office fixture since 1959 when Xerox released the 914 photocopy machine. The 914 was the first plain paper and revolutionised the document industry. The 914 was one of the most successful products ever and was an instant hit worldwide generating $243 million in revenue for Xerox. The 914 was an analogue copy machine and the industry was slow to embrace new technology.

In recent times the black and white copier industry has undertaken some major changes. Mono copiers now come with a host of features thanks to digital technology. Copier machines offer printing, networking, fax and scanning. They are perfect for managing documents and workflow within the office.

Digital multifunction mono copiers offer significantly reduced running cost compared to their colour counterparts. If the volume of use if sufficiently high they can also offer a more efficient way of printing compared to stand alone laser printers.