Movolytics – GPS Fleet Management Tracking Software


Movolytics offers the best in fleet management software, and customers benefit from unrivalled insight and accuracy into their fleet’s behaviour. As a telematics service provider, Movolytics stands out due to their passion for customer service, user-friendly platforms and patented cutting edge technology. Movolytics’ core focus when it comes to designing its products is data accuracy – detailed and accurate information is collected about each vehicle, including speed, acceleration, fuel use, fuel waste, fuel spend, driver location and many more. The company aims to deliver fleet management services in a unique and unmatched fashion, cooperating with businesses so that they achieve optimal results. Businesses save time, money, improve safety, boost productivity and maintain goodwill with their customers.

About Vehicle Tracking
Movolytics offers automated vehicle tracking that cannot be found anywhere else. The level of insight on fleet movement, location and more is unparalleled, and the accuracy of data is always as high as possible. Movolytics vehicle tracking gives you data in objective numbers and figures, there are no estimates as there is in other types of vehicle tracking software. Customers can analyse lots of information about their fleet, including (but not limited to): how far and for how long each individual driver has travelled, real-time traffic updates which allow you to plan routes accordingly and save time, fuel-spending, location, and accurate arrival times.