MSA Sordin – Phone Systems and Hearing Protectors

MSA Sordin

MSA ear defenders from MSA Sordin are some of the best hearing protectors on the market. They utilise state-of-the-art technology in their design, making for the most effective noise cancellation on the market. MSA Sordin are an innovative company specialising designing and manufacturing safety products.

About the Company

MSA Sordin boasts over 30 years of experience designing robust, effective and high-performance safety products. They have a large selection of personal protection equipment for above the neck, and one of the most widely recognised is the MSA Sordin ear defenders line. MSA Sordin are quality certified and have their own product testing laboratory to ensure the quality of their products.

MSA’s mission puts health first in all of their products, services and business operations. As their products are focused on promoting personal safety, this is of crucial importance, and it means that versatile, functional and durable products are a necessity. MSA Sordin’s headquarters are in Toruń, Poland.

Some of the potential uses of MSA Sordin products are: hunting, at shooting ranges, in the military and police, special forces and security. However, there are countless applications of this especially versatile product selection, and MSA products are ideal for any environments that require reliable gear.

About the Phone Systems

MSA Sordin offers a selection of professional hearing protection solutions. Some of its headsets include ranges designed for: shooting, noise cancelling, Bluetooth, industry, airsoft, arborists, construction, military, industry/sector, pilla, and accessories.

MSA’s headsets come with a 5 year warranty and a range of design options and features depending on your requirements.