NEC – Telephone Systems and Communication Technology


NEC has been an industry leader in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for almost 120 years, and believes in implementing its technology to improve society as a whole and shape the future for the better.

About the Company

NEC is a dependable choice for businesses looking for ICT products and/or solutions, as it has nearly 120 years of experience and a solid reputation. NEC’s expertise is based on business operations in an excess of 160 countries, and the company has a unique approach that marries its global vision with a local presence.

NEC has over 110,000 employees worldwide, and has a strong commitment to driving innovation in the field. NEC has 9 laboratories in different parts of the world which employ nearly 1,000 researchers. Some of the company’s core values are equality, safety, efficiency and security. NEC believes in helping your business to transform and succeed in its operations, and this is reflected in their solutions.

About the Phone Systems

NEC offers a very diverse range of telephone system services for businesses, including: unified communications, unified messaging and voicemail, video communications, contact centre products, conferencing and recording equipment, phones, projectors, cloud products, data networking, financial services, communications platforms, analytics, artificial intelligence and more.

NEC also offers solutions for individuals and enterprises in a variety of fields, including: aviation, energy, education, critical infrastructure, finance, government, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing and retail. All of NEC’s products and services are designed to help professionals and businesses cultivate an improved, connected workforce.