Neopost – Franking Machines and Mailing Equipment


Neopost was founded in 1924 in the United Kingdom and began manufacturing franking machines. Since then, Neopost has expanded and now offers a variety of mailroom equipment as well as software designed to help companies manage shipping and invoicing.

Neopost has locations in 29 countries and works with partners in many others. Neopost reported €1.2 billion in 2016 sales and is a component in both Euronext Paris and SBF 120 trading indices.

Neopost works hard to ensure their products meet health, safety, and environmental guidelines. All distributors maintain ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications. Neopost created a guide for all its research and development teams to guide them in developing new technologies according to environmental standards. This guide was followed in the development of the IS mailing system, which reduced materials used to produce equipment by 10%, reduced machine weight by 40%, and reduced standby energy consumption by half. Every franking machine in this range meets or exceeds requirements for US Energy Star labeling. Neopost also works to reduce environmental impacts through the use of environmentally friendly materials in manufacture and packaging of products, extending the life cycle of equipment, and minimizing waste at the end of product life.

Most recently, Neopost released two new software applications for businesses. The first of these is NeReceipts. This application allows businesses to archive digital receipts and documents in a secure location accessible anytime they are needed. The second is NeoSendIt. This application works with QuickBooks to allow users to send invoices, proposals, and other documents through the mail or email from their QuickBooks account.