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Xerox 3D Printing

Xerox focusing on 3D printing as photocopier market declines

On the 8th February Xerox announced the acquisition of New York startup Vader Systems. Vader Systems produce a patented liquid metal for additive manufacturing. In October 2018 Xerox announced it plans to participate in the 3D Printing Industry in a statement to investors from the CEO.
Credit Card Fees

Credit Card Merchant Processing Fees To Increase In April

In a recent development, charges for making purchases via credit cards are set to increase, which is an event that will have a wide impact on companies and customers alike. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported today, 15th February 2019, that two of the largest credit card companies (Visa Inc. and Mastercard Inc.) plan to hike up their existing merchant processing fees.

“The End of the Line”: ISDN Will Be Gone by 2025

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is to be phased out by 2025 according to the BT Group CEO, Gavin Patterson, who made the announcement back in 2015. However, not all businesses are fully aware of the impact this may have on their future operation. So, what exactly does the death of ISDN/PSTN implicate for the future of telephone systems technology?
Google Birthday Update

Google Turns 20 and celebrates with a Birthday Update

On the 27th of September 2018, the date of Google’s 20th birthday, some search algorithm changes were introduced. Search Engine Roundtable refers to these changes as the Google Birthday Update because of when they were released. For Search Engine Optimisers these updates can make or break their strategy for search.
Web Design Companies

Top 9 Web Design Companies of This Month According to Top...

Each month, Top Design Firms (TDF) releases their rankings of the best web design firms in the United States. The TDF team decides on these rankings based on innovation, creativity, project assessment and client evaluations.
Web Hosting Server

Web Hosting Provider Releases New Real-Time Monitoring Service

A Canadian web hosting company (Canadian Web Hosting) has just released a new real-time monitoring service for its users. According to Globe News Wire, this feature was announced on 2nd October 2018 and is available to existing customers who have Private Servers.
Boiler Could Kill You

You Could Die From Your Boiler This Summer

In the warmer months of the year there are a range of potential hazards that come with the summer weather. However, many people would not realise that fatal carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from your boiler is one of them.
Fuel Price Rise

Beating the Fuel Pump Price Rises

In case you were wondering: no, it’s not just you, fuel prices have actually seen a recent and dramatic increase. The RAC reported that in May 2018, fuel prices role by 6p per litre, which is the largest monthly increase that they have ever reported in 18 years. It is more important now than ever to be watchful about how much you are spending on fuel. So what is the best way to monitor this?
Photocopier Printers Declining

Photocopier and Printer Market Faces a Declining Future

Printing and photocopying businesses face "challenging" times says the market leader HP Inc. CEO Dion Weisler in November 2016 after sales shrunk by 12%. In 2017 HP stemmed the downturn due in part to the $1+ Billion acquisition on Samsung Printers but this may only serve to delay the effects by resuscitating a declining business model.

Brexit Excludes The UK From The EU’s Galileo GPS

As a result of Brexit, there has been an array of side-effects, including the UK being shut out of the EU’s Galileo satellite system contracts. Galileo is a multi-billion dollar satellite constellation project which intends to rival the Global Positioning System, which is controlled by the US. The aim is for it to be operational by 2020.
Ai Credit Card Fraud

E-Commerce Merchants Use Artificial Intelligence to Protect Against Fraud

SIX Payment Services, an e-commerce merchant services provider, recently announced a groundbreaking innovation in protection against fraud that utilises artificial intelligence (AI). This Ai commerce platforms in the near future.
Fuji Xerox deal blocked

Rebel Investors Block Fuji’s takeover of US Photocopier Manufacturer Xerox

Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason have succeeded in temporarily blocking Fujifilm's takeover of troubled photocopier company Xerox Corp and in the process ousted Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson and six more members of the board. Darwin Deason successfully won an NY court injunction blocking Fujifilm from purchasing Xerox last week. Fujifilm issued a statement on Wednesday 2nd May 2018 saying they would appeal against the decision...
Acoustic Double-Glazing

New Breakthrough in Acoustic Double-Glazing

Acoustic glass windows are becoming more and more sophisticated, and in recent releases from window manufacturers there has been a breakthrough in standard. The future promises better sound insulation in our homes, thanks to acoustic, sound wave absorbing technology...
Perovsite Solar Cell

A New and Revolutionary Advancement in Solar Cell Technology

As the world’s supply of fossil fuels diminishes, investing in and researching ways to efficiently implement sustainable energy sources is becoming increasingly critical. Solar energy, which utilises the powerful energy emitted from the sun’s rays, is an evolving technology. We are discovering better ways to harness the abundant light energy into a usable power source...
Growth in Franking Machines

Franking Industry Unexpectedly Forecasts Growth

The franking industry is seeing a resurgence in growth say two of the main manufacturers FP and Pitney Bowes. You could be forgiven for thinking this old-fashioned industry would fade out in a world of digital communication and email, yet quite the opposite is true...