Top 9 Web Design Companies of This Month According to Top Design Firms

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    Each month, Top Design Firms (TDF) releases their rankings of the best web design firms in the United States. The TDF team decides on these rankings based on innovation, creativity, project assessment and client evaluations.

    In addition to listing the greatest web design companies in the business, TDF reviews and ranks e-commerce design firms, logo design firms, mobile app design firms and UI/UX design firms. Digital Journal published a press release on the 8th October 2018 covering the top 10 mobile app design and development firms, according to TDF.

    October 2018’s best web design firms list was published on the Top Design Firms website. While TDF only ranks US-based companies, it is beneficial to be aware of their standards for web design agencies. Understanding this criteria empowers consumers to make informed choices about which web design company to hire.

    TDF’s findings were as follows:

    The Rankings for Top Web Design Firms

    1. Hudson Integrated

    The top web design agency in the US was found to be New Jersey-based company, Hudson Integrated. TDF praises the modernity of Hudson Integrated’s designs. Hudson Integrated were also ranked as the number one mobile app design and development firm of the month.

    From their description: “Hudson brings your business into the 21st century with creative pros and the latest technology needed to create a truly one-of-a-kind design that only a best web design company can provide.”

    2. Lounge Lizard

    Number two in the rankings is New York firm Lounge Lizard. They performed well due to delivering a customer-focused experience, and creating work that stands out for its uniqueness.

    TDF describes: “With a devoted, creative team of professionals, each design Lounge Lizard creates show originality, consistency, and talent. Their stunning, innovative work makes Lounge Lizard a best web design firm to work with.”


    This agency is from California. EIGHT25MEDIA prides themselves on making the commissioning process easy.

    As the profile on TDF explains: “What does it take to create the best web design firm? If you ask the Eight25Media team, you’ll learn that it takes their incredible passion for design, highly skilled staff, and just a little bit of design magic which includes hard work and dedication.”

    4. Ruckus Marketing

    Also from New York, Ruckus Marketing are another firm mentioned for making considerably unique designs.

    This is described on the page: “Unique doesn’t begin to describe the designs Ruckus produces. This best web design company makes sure they understand the difference your business brings to customers and showcases that in a beautiful website.”

    5. Capitol Tech Solutions

    California-based Capitol Tech Solutions are renowned for modern, product-focused approach.

    This tailored method is praised by TDF: “No matter what the challenge may be when it comes to taking your brand’s website into the 21st century, Capitol Tech Solutions makes sure that the product you’re receiving not only meets goals, but show that you work with the best web design firm.”

    6. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency – Texas

    This company was highlighted for their implementation of “the most creative and innovative technology on the market”.

    7. Deluxe – Minnesota

    Deluxe were mentioned for their “user-friendly” products and experience of “over 10 years”.

    8. Maxburst, Inc. – New York

    This agency is noted for bringing “creativity and knowledge” to their work.

    9. DotcomWeavers – New Jersey

    This company’s “simple, flexible approach” is acknowledged.

    The Take-Home

    Based on these rankings, it is apparent that there are a number of key features that separate certain web design companies from the masses. These include cutting-edge technology and designs that are up-to-date and current, bespoke work that is unique and original, how straightforward the process is, and tailoring their design approach to each client’s specific brand, product or service.



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