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    A Canadian web hosting company (Canadian Web Hosting) has just released a new real-time monitoring service for its users. According to Globe News Wire, this feature was announced on 2nd October 2018 and is available to existing customers who have Private Servers.

    Real-time monitoring is a tool that allows users to identify and resolve present server issues and track their server’s current activity. For businesses considering looking for a new web hosting company, whether the prospective provider offers real-time monitoring may be a consideration. This is a relatively new feature, and you can expect to see an increasing amount of web hosting servers offering it to its customers.

    Right now, the feature is exclusive to customers who have Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers with Canadian Web Hosting. The level of flexibility and customisation available for the real-time monitoring tool is another of its assets, and each user can configure it to meet their specific, individual requirements as is required.

    What Does Real-Time Monitoring Tell You About Your Web Hosting Server?

    Not all business owners are experts in web hosting, so depending on your level of understanding, ‘real-time monitoring’ may mean nothing to you. The information about the web hosting server provided through this tool is actually very useful, and being able to ‘stream’ this information live as it is happening means that you can respond to issues in an instant.

    So what information is fed to you via real-time monitoring? How does this affect the operation and functioning of your web hosting server?

    The tool is designed for enterprise-level work and is extremely sophisticated, with thousands of metrics available. Server problems will be identified as and when they occur. Real-time monitoring can be tailored or scaled to certain elements of the web hosting server, and users can also create their own custom alerts. This enhances the troubleshooting, detection and diagnosis capability of the feature.

    Matthew Czajka, Cloud Engineer for Canadian Web Hosting, elaborates: “With metrics and custom alerts you can stay ahead of any issues your server can run into, from resource usage to services failing and everything in between. With Real-Time Monitoring, you can foresee the problem before it happens.”

    This will indubitably add pressure on other web hosting companies to offer equally customisable monitoring tools for their users. We may even see the real-time monitoring tool as developed by Canadian Web Hosting improved and expanded upon, as other web hosting companies implement it while adding their own improvements and tweaks.

    Web hosting is an industry that is competitive, and server issues can have catastrophic effects on businesses. If your server fails, or your website isn’t accessible on the web, or any other problems occur, you can lose customers. In addition to this, the server should be reliable and offer a range of ways to resolve issues. This could be through user-operated tools such as Canadian Web Hosting’s real-time monitoring, or through support from the company.

    Real-time monitoring is likely to be a web hosting tool of the future. Instead of having to relay your concerns or server issues to the hosting company’s support centre, you can tackle them on your own instantaneously. This is significantly more efficient.

    Image References:pixabay.com

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