Xerox focusing on 3D printing as photocopier market declines

    Xerox 3D Printing

    On the 8th February Xerox announced the acquisition of New York startup Vader Systems. Vader Systems produce a patented liquid metal for additive manufacturing. In October 2018 Xerox announced it plans to participate in the 3D Printing Industry in a statement to investors from the CEO. This month with the acquisition of Vader Systems, Xerox has cemented its intentions within the industry. Although both Xerox and Vader Systems were tightly lipped about the deal itself. Xerox core business of photocopiers and printers has long been in decline and the 3D printing potentially offers Xerox the opportunity to reinvent itself in additive manufacturing.

    3d printing is set to revolutionise the way we manufacture products. From tools to food and clothing, to even medical the use 3D printing is set to change the way we produce everything. Using a process know as Additive Manufacturing where layers are used to produce an object, designers are able to produce complex designs at a fraction of the cost of moulding and sculpting. The most common use of 3d printing is in plastics but Xerox purchase of Vader Systems that specialise in liquid metal opens new markets for 3D printing.

    Xerox development and famed research centre XeroxParc are at the centre of what Xerox describe and “Disrupting Manufacturing with 3D Printing”. In a post on their website Xerox claim “We are leveraging our experience and expertise in digital printing to a polymer and metal 3D printing technologies and will introduce new equipment, materials, services and design tools to the market.”

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