Smart Franking

More and more people are discovering franking is the way to keep their postage costs low and businesses efficient with the use of smart franking machines. Smart franking machines are newer machines that are able to account for VAT, or Value-Added Tax. These machines come with all of the VAT information included, all you have to do is mark the item your sending the with appropriate postage and the machine will take care of everything else for you. SMART machines are able to record and track VAT automatically, making it easy to reclaim it.

Not All Franking is Smart

Not all franking machines are smart machines, but smart machines are a must if you’re sending mail via VAT applied services. VAT for franking can be complicated and confusing, a smart franking machine can do the hard work for you eliminating mistakes and give you peace of mind knowing that your VAT has been correctly calculated. When you consider that since 2012 on business you a Smart franking machine can reclaim VAT, why would you use anything else?

Franking Savings

The simple and honest truthis that smart franking machines save you money. There’s the ability to reclaim VAT as mentioned above. A smart franking machine will ensure you’re being billed correctly. But the machine’s ability to track what you’re mailing to where, and then you can use that information for targeted marking doesn’t just save you time and money, it could make you money.

A smart franking machine also saves you headaches. Because the new machines can calculate the VAT and postal fees you don’t need to worry about doing the calculations or making mistakes. The automated nature of the smart franking machines will save you time, energy and a lot of stress.

Communication is Key

Don’t under estimate the importance of communication. Smart franking machines are able to communicate with the Royal Mail, so you can rest assured that you have the latest costs associate with postage and the VAT. You’ll never worry whether your VAT has been collected, or that you have the right postage on your letters and parcels.

With the new Mailmark franking machine there is more room for your logo and information, which your business can take advantage of. The indicators of class, price and carrier are clearer now too. A smart franking machine can be a game changer for your business. Make your life easier and save money, get a smart franking machine today.



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