Olivetti – Copiers, Computers and Typewriters


Olivetti started out as a typewriter manufacturer in 1908 Italy. Olivetti produced the first computer the Elea 9003, in 1959. In the typewriter industry, Olivetti were pioneers in the development of word processors but stopped production in 1994 due to the advent of computers.

Olivetti with the help of parent company Telecom Italia relaunched in 2005 launching a new line of printers, PC’s, notebooks, calculators and MFP Copiers. They expanded in 2013 into the smartphone market.

Olivetti Copiers MFP printers claim to reduce running costs by offering longer life consumables. Olivetti offers both colour and mono (black and white) photocopier systems that boast their own document scanning and management software.
Website: www.olivetti.com