Optomise Payment Processing

Any savvy modern day business owner knows that streamlining and optimising every facet of your company is an absolute must. Through optimisation, not only do you increase your profit margins but you also find and repair any flaws in productivity, increasing yield overall. The benefits are countless and, when it comes to your payment process, could be invaluable.

There are more than a few ways in which you can streamline your payment process. There are all sorts of useful little things you can do. One of the first steps is to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you. Another little trick is to show off other trusted brand logos on your page, inspiring that little extra added customer trust. You can link customer product reviews to your shop and let the customers read for themselves how reliable your product or service is – the opportunities are endless.

Shopping around for Merchant Processing

Merchant Processing is the rates by which credit card companies and banks will charge in order to process your payments. Every time you make a payment online these companies will take a processing fee. What you might not know is that you can shop around online to find better deals for merchant accounts, saving you a little cash with every transaction. You can read more about processing fees and finding the best deals here.

Compare Rates and Rental Charges

A quick internet search to compare rental charges and rates set by online Merchant Processing Services might save you a boatload. Remember that the charge they add is for every single transaction, so if you make a small saving of mere pence it will be magnified for every individual product sold. Comparisons are easy to run and well worth the time, particularly if it brings your profits up at the end of the financial year.

Expand your Payment Options

In spite of the fact that we are living in the digital era- there are still many potential customers out there who just don’t do online payments. You should expand your payment options to include an address that these customers can send cheques too. You should also make moves to accommodate mobile purchasing, where customers buy from their mobile phones. There has been a surge in such buying in recent years, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly yet then you could be missing out!

Last but not least, you should make sure that you have a clearly defined return policy for your goods, should they not be what the customer wanted after all. A disgruntled customer is still a customer, and they are far more likely to return if you are courteous and make the process easier for them. A clearly defined returns policy even encourages unsure clients to buy, so it’s well worth the effort of setting one out.

The success of your online shop depends largely on brand recognition and your own ability to advertise. To optimise your shops potential you should follow our suggestions above and also work towards expanding your online presence. You never know, your small business just might be tomorrow’s big brand.



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