Plantronics – Telephone Systems and Audio Communication


Plantronics is an American electronics company that produces a selection of communications products and solutions for its customers. They are a trusted name when it comes to looking for audio communications equipment for your business.

About the Company

Plantronics’ headquarters are in Santa Cruz, California, USA and the company produces audio solutions with high quality sound to ensure that people within businesses are connected, and that businesses can connect effectively with their customers. Plantronics was founded in 1961 and has become one of the largest public electronics and unified communications companies worldwide. Most of Plantronics products are manufactured in China and Mexico, and are always made of the best quality materials and are designed to be effective.

Plantronics owns a number of subsidiaries as part of recent efforts in corporate expansion, including Polycom. Polycom and Plantronics together form a new company called Poly, and this was relaunched after Plantronics’ recent acquisition of Polycom.

Plantronics have a long history of designing audio communications headsets to be increasingly user-friendly, modern and portable. Back in 1962 shortly after its inception, Plantronics introduced the first lightweight audio communications headset (originally designed for use in the aviation industry) to the commercial market. This type of product was a necessity as pilots were struggling to manage with the large, bulky and heavy headsets already in existence.

About the Phone Systems

Since its instrumental inventions of modernised headsets in the 60s, Plantronics have continued to be a driving innovator in the world of telephone systems and communication equipment for businesses. Plantronics offer lots of wireless and wired telephone system headsets among other accessories and devices. Plantronics business telephone system and audio communications products incorporate up-to-date technology.