Potterton – Gas Boilers for Domestic & Commercial Markets


Potterton boilers have been part the UK’s history for over a century. The company has been responsible for several innovative design enhancements and continually invests in R&D, making it possible for them to produce high-performance boilers that meet the requirements of today’s homes. Potterton is now part of the Baxi Group, however, it continues to be an entity of its own.

About the Company

Founded in the 1850’s in Ballam, London by Thomas Potterton, at the time a general contractor, the company carried out its first gas boiler installation in 1902. Then in 1908, carried out the first ever installation of multiple gas boilers. Today the company manufactures more than 7 million boilers in the UK.

About Potterton Boilers

Potterton sells both commercial and domestic boilers, available in regular, Combi and system varieties to accommodate different households. The Combi boilers include natural gas models and an LPG model. The Combi boiler models come in three power outputs for natural gas and the LPG model – 24kW, 28kW, 28kw (LPG) and 33kW. The company also manufactures high efficiency boilers that have been designed to meet the needs of social housing providers.

Potterton Range of Products

Besides their boilers, Potterton carries a range of controls, including wireless, programmable and electronic timers and thermostats. They also carry flues and accessories.

Bottom line, Potterton provides high quality boilers and has a reputation for continually improving their products which is one of the reasons a lot of consumers choose to buy from them. They pay attention to their customer’s needs and have continued to do so year after year.

Website: www.potterton.co.uk