Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one way to drive relevant traffic to your website through paid search advertising. The most common method of search advertising is PPC (pay per click) where a cost is incurred for clicking the advertisement or phone number. Google Adwords is the largest seller of PPC services, followed by Bing Ads. There are two types of advertising that appear on search engines and both charge PPC:

Text Ads

Text Ads are the most common type of PPC Ad. They are shown on search engines normally above organic listings. They comprise of a headline and description and a call to action either being a phone number or click through to your website. They are driven by the keywords selected in the campaign and position is determined by bid, amount, the relevance of the page and CTR (click through rate). Simple to set up and suitable for all devices, Text Ads offer cost effective advertising.

Shopping Ads

Suitable for e-commerce sites only Shopping Ads often appear at the top of results and include images titles, prices and ratings. They are technically more challenging to set up and require a feed of your products from your website. Once up and running they work in a similar way to Text Ads with position largely determined by the bid amount.

Search Engine Advertising is normally the cheapest form of Advertising a business can purchase and offers a chance to gradually increase budget and presence through successful campaigns. There are no long-term contracts to enter into and the process is easy to use. Studies have shown readers find text ads less intrusive than banners and are more likely to click them. They offer a great way to build relevant visitors to your website and gain a presence on high traffic search engines.



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