Quartix – Business Vehicle Tracking Solutions


Quartix was established in 2001, and over the last 17 years has gained a wealth of experience in the tracking industry, as well as earning a respectable reputation. Quartix was originally formed by four professionals in the sector, who boasted a combined 120 years experience in developing systems, communications and telemetry. Since then, Quartix has only continued to grow, and has installed over 300,000 vehicle tracking units for its customers. The company also provides services internationally, in France and the USA, with a total of over 10,000 satisfied fleet customers. Quartix prides itself on having user-friendly systems that are easy to access via the Internet, transparency in price – no hidden fees – and high quality customer service.

About Vehicle Tracking
Quartix offers an advanced, real-time vehicle tracking solution for businesses. You can pinpoint the position and location of any of your vehicles whenever you want, and have the option to follow them on Google Maps. There are comprehensive daily reports about each vehicle, which enables you to analyse their activity and identify any areas of improvement. Quartix can deliver these reports by email, or they can be accessed online in an instant. There are route displays, showing the course of each vehicle on a map, and there is also a mobile app which means you can tune into vehicle tracking while on-the-go.
Website: www.quartix.net