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Ram Tracking
RAM Tracking is a business that emerged in 2004, formed by some of the top experts in the vehicle tracking industry, and to this day is responsible for over 50,000 GPS vehicle tracking systems being used on the road. They currently provide vehicle tracking services to approximately 7,200 customers. RAM Tracking’s core values are providing high quality customer service and their committance to technological innovation. Fleet News referred to RAM Tracking as the “next generation” of vehicle tracking services, and their products implement cutting edge technology.

About Vehicle Tracking
RAM Tracking offers a variety of tailored packages depending on which industry your business is in, what type of vehicles you need to track (cars, vans, trucks or a fleet), and other factors. This allows you to make a decision on which GPS tracking service is right for you and your company. RAM Tracking offers installation of their systems by their own trained engineers, and the tracking device is small and undetectable. It records the movement and position of the vehicle, and this data can be accessed at any time if you have Internet access. Of 3,500 RAM Tracking customers, almost all of them reported a 10-20% increase in fleet productivity within the first month of the tracking system’s installation.
Website: www.ramtracking.com