Ravenheat – Low Energy Boilers & Combi-Boilers


Ravenheat was founded in 1987 and is one of only a few boiler companies to carry the advanced ISO 9001.2001 accreditation for the quality of its boiler design. This means that their customers can be confident in the quality of their products, knowing that their boilers have been fully tested and guaranteed.

About the Company

An independent boiler manufacturer, Ravenheat’s head offices, including their R&D and training facilities, are based in Leeds. The company also has two manufacturing sites in Verona, Italy. Because they’re an independent boiler manufacturer, they have full control over the design and development of their products, building them to the highest possible standards. Ravenheat designed their first condensing boiler in 1996, well before they were mandatory in the UK. Today their boilers are highly recommended by the Energy Saving Trust as well as featured on SEDBUK.

About Ravenheat Boilers

Ravenheat boilers offer quality and efficiency at an affordable price. The bonus here is that they incorporate a range of features typically associated with more expensive models. These quality characteristics include low energy consumption, premium branded and brass components, user friendly touch controls and easy to see temperature adjustments. The company’s new boiler options also have excellent flow rates. Built to rigorous ISO 9001 standards using superior quality components, the new Ravenheat models boost the European CE mark, meaning they undergo comprehensive testing and operating measures.

Ravenheat Range of Products

Ravenheat manufactures CS80, CS90 and System high performance Combi boilers, CSI high efficiency condensing boilers. They also carry the White Boil Company WH range combination boilers. The latest from Ravenheat is their HE ranges combination boiler. The Ravenheat OpenTherm boiler package offers highly accurate control directly from the thermostat to the boiler’s software, operating the gas valve along with the modulating central heating pump.

Ravenheat is recognised for producing high efficiency boilers that don’t compromise reliability, the excellence of its products and value. Innovation is a part of their business model, as is providing its customers with superior quality, energy-efficient, boilers that are built to last.
Website: ravenheat.co.uk