Royal Mail – Franking Machines

Royal Mail

The Royal Mail started out all the way back in 1516 under the stewardship of Henry VIII and made a public service in 1635 by Charles I. It remained in the public sector until 2015 when it was privatised.

The Royal Mail regulates all franking services in the UK. Authorising both hardware, consumables and servicing. The Royal mail does not supply franking machines directly but under the Postal Services Act 2000 licences suppliers and users of franking machine services. In order to use a franking machine you must first obtain a licence. The licence
will include both the business details, the serial number of the machine and a unique die number.

The terms of the licence include ensuring the machine is kept in good working order and ink used is approved. The licence is not transferable.

Mailmark franking is the newest and most efficient franking mark replacing the old ‘crown and die’ with a scannable 2D barcode. Maimark offers lower pricing than standard franking or SMARTmeter franking and is suitable for any business size.