Samsung – Copiers, SmartPhones and TV’s


Samsung was founded in 1938 in South Korea and originally diversified into food processing, textiles, insurance, securities and retail before entering into the electronic market in the late 1960’s. In the electronic market Samsung flourished manufacturing components and hardware, the division now accounts for 70% of Samsung’s revenue.

In 1970 Sanyo began production of black and white TV’s followed by colour and flatscreen. By 2006 Samsung had become the world’s leading supplier of televisions.

Samsung are also the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and through their Galaxy range powered by Android have overtaken Apple in sales of smartphones.

Samsung entered the photocopier and multifunction printer market much later than its rivals. They produced a innovative range of Android powered colour and mono MFP’s. In 2016 Samsung announced it would sell its entire printing division including Samsung Copiers to HP for $1.05 billion.