Saunier Duval – Boilers & Central Heating Solutions

VaillantSaunier Duval
The Saunier Duval name stands for convenient, long-lasting, easy-to-use boilers and other heating solutions sold throughout France and several other European markets. The brand is certified for their products and meets the ISO standard 9001 for quality, safety and reliability.

About the Company

Saunier Duval is a leader in the heating technology industry and has been producing reliable heating solutions since 1907. The company’s business model is based on the continuous development of new technologies and helping people protect the environment and at the same time save money. Their boilers are highly recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. Saunier Duval is a member of the Vaillant Group, a global market innovator in the wall hung boiler segment and is family-owned. They’re also a member of the Society of British Gas industries and the Heating and Hot Water Information Council.

About Saunier Duval Boilers

The company manufactures both non-condensing and condensing boilers. The condensing boilers developed by the company include Isofast Condens, Thema Condens, Semia Condens, Isotwin Condens, condensing combination boiler ranges and more. The Semia collection of combi boilers is similar in kW output and size of the Thema range. There are a lot of options available when it comes to the company’s combination ranges. All of the models are stylish, easy to install and maintain.

Saunier Duval Range of Products

Along with their non-condensing and condensing boilers, Saunier Duval is known for their heat pumps which are utilized to support renewable energy systems, air conditioning appliances and high-quality solar-powered solutions. Saunier Duval differentiates itself from some boiler industry options through the durability of their products and customer service, which promote trust.