Secured By Design – SBD Security Standards

Secured by Design is a group of projects intended to reduce crime in residential areas, businesses, and car parks. Secured by Design is working to create security standards to not only reduce crime, but to help people feel more secure in their homes and places of business.

Secured by Design has been accepted by police forces across the UK and has partnered with more than 400 companies that provide high quality security products for construction, businesses, and consumers and help to fund the Secured by Design initiative. Funding is used to research ways to prevent crime, to test theories, and to establish crime prevention standards. Secured by Design standards have been shown to reduce burglaries by as much as 75% and criminal damage by as much as 25%. The Association of British Insurers estimates Secured by Design standards could save the UK more than £3.2 billion over the next 20 years.

One initiative with which Secured by Design has worked with is improved security for double-glazing windows and doors.

Image References:
flynt / 123RF Stock Photo