Swissvoice – Phone Systems for Professionals and Seniors


Swissvoice has been developing a selection of telecoms terminals and other products since its establishment in 2001, and is a popular choice for professionals and seniors who can benefit from simple technology with additional features. As well as offering accessible products for seniors, Swissvoice provides telephone system solutions for business.

About the Company

Swissvoice is a European brand and has been a subsidiary of ATLINKS Holdings Ltd. since 2016. Part of Swissvoice’s objective with its innovations is to simplify the process of implementing and operating this communicative technology, which in turn helps more people access their products. Swissvoice serves both customers and organisations with its products and solutions, and a big part of the company’s values is to help businesses around the world streamline their communications.

Swissvoice believes that telecommunications for businesses shouldn’t be unnecessarily complex or difficult to navigate. Swissvoice offers more affordable products and solutions for smaller level businesses and individuals, as well as products and solutions designed for the highly demanding and heavy use of a larger business or enterprise. This is the beauty of their varied range – it can accommodate most business’ requirements. Swissvoice electronics are always great quality and value.

Swissvoice also offers handsets and phones for domestic use, with simplified features that are perfect for seniors or people with age-related impediments, including amplified audio.

About the Phone Systems

Swissvoice’s products and solutions for businesses have a variety of different options which depend on the requirements of your individual business. This includes telephone systems for the SOHO market, which are more affordable consumer electronics for professionals and individuals or very small teams, and systems for SMBs and enterprises that can handle more demanding requirements.