Telephone Systems

Workplace communication is a vital part of making sure your business is running smoothly. A reliable telephone system is key to ensuring this, as the quality of communication between staff is dependent on it. Often the important transfer of data and information can be helped by a decent phone system being in place – but what if you suspect your system is hindering you? A faulty phone system is inefficient and could be costing you time and money.

Businesses are constantly using their phone systems, which is one of the reasons they can become worn-out from frequent use. It is also the reason it is such an inconvenience when things do go wrong!

Technical Difficulties

Technical issues are a problem you may encounter with your business telephone system. This can be as simple as physical damage or wear-and-tear, like broken cords, earpieces and buttons, or an internal hardware problem. Sometimes there can be a glitch in the programming that is challenging to trace. Or your telephone system may just be outdated and consequently, obsolete.

If you don’t have the most modern technology integrated in your company, you are certainly setting yourself up for more inefficient communications. You should update your phone system every six to ten years in order to keep up-to-date.

System Limitations

Your business’ telephone system could be over capacity, or very near its limit. You cannot expect your telecom system to grow automatically as your business does – when the growth is significant, an upgrade is definitely needed. As the requirements for communication within your company change, you should be open to finding a more appropriate telephone system to cope with the increase of data being transferred

A model that supports a large number of lines is a good idea, as once you have reached the limit on your existing system, you cannot add any more.

Lack of Features

Maybe the telephone system your business is using simply doesn’t have the features you require. This can seriously limit the speed and efficiency of how your business dealings are handled by the telephone system. For instance, you may require a phone system with auto-responder options, or one that supports video calls and conferences.

There are a range of modern telephone systems for businesses with an array of features to make life easier for you and your staff. It is certainly worth researching what is available if you feel that your current system isn’t best equipped to meet your needs.


Businesses rely very heavily on their telephone systems. If yours is faulty, or cannot do what you need it to do, you could be wasting huge amounts of time and losing profit. Being let down by your phone system is frustrating for your workforce and your clients – and having difficulties with phone communication could affect the way your business is perceived. Instead of allowing your company to be set back by an unreliable system, get up to four free quotations on new business telephone systems on 4quotes4me today.



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