TeleTrac Navman – GPS Fleet Management Tracking

Teletrac Navman

TeleTrac Navman provides innovative fleet management software and services, which are constantly evolving in order to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies. TeleTrac Navman’s fleet management products are unique, functional and reliable and offer an unmatched combination of features. Over 40,000 businesses utilise TeleTrac Navman’s fleet intelligence to track over 500,000 vehicles in total. This makes it one of the largest telematics companies in the world, and it has offices and customers all around the globe. It is well established and boasts 25 years of experience, so is one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Businesses are granted advanced fleet management tools through a single, user-friendly platform, and customers are able to track fleet location, fuel consumption and monitoring, safety, reporting and compliance.

About Vehicle Tracking
TeleTrac Navman’s vehicle tracking solutions allow you to keep informed about the location and activity of your fleet and assets with real-time, live data updates. The aim is for fleet management to be simplified for users, while still offering detailed insight and information. Customers are able to ensure their fleet is as productive as possible through analysis of actionable data. Areas of improvement can then be identified from this data, and worked upon accordingly. The consequence of this is improved overall fleet performance and optimised productivity. A few of the TeleTrac Navman vehicle tracking software’s features are dispatch management, vehicle analytics and fleet insights.