With the advent of the internet and email, many people predicted the death of the postal service. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Whilst traditional mail has decreased with people communicating online and through email rather than letters the internet has caused a surge of home shopping. Parcels ordered online now account for nearly 10% of the retail market and each one has to be delivered. This is partially why Franking is as popular as ever with more companies seeking efficient ways to deliver to their customers.

Why People Use Franking

One major reason is discounts on your mail. The Royal mail has slashed prices on franked mail due to the efficiency savings made when processing. Even small companies can benefit by using a Franking Machine. Sending by franked mail also offers the opportunity to present a professional image to the customer. The stamp can be customised to show logos and messages or adverts. You can send topical or seasonal messages to clients.

Time Saving

Franking machines can be topped up 24/7 online in just a few minutes, where as stamps often can run out at the most inconvenient times. You can avoid delays in replenishing stamps when franking. Mail items can be easily weighed and the correct postal charge applied. Letters can be processed easily in batches.


No more cash needed to purchase stamps the franking machine securely handles all your outgoing mail and can be pin activated. There is no loss of postal stamps or potential of theft.

Over and Underpayment

By franking mail you avoid overpaying on stamps for items, you get the correct postage for the weight and size of the parcel. On the other end of the scale, the Royal Mail charges the receiver for underpaid postage plus a handling fee. This ultimately reflects badly on your business and causes poor customer relations. By franking, you can ensure you avoid the potential embarrassment of underpaid postage.

Recording Postage Charges

No longer does your accountant need to wade through an endless pile of postal receipts. The franking machine is able to give a full report of your postal costs, down to department level if necessary.

The franking machine offers many benefits and that’s why more business opt to use franking for their outgoing mail. Even smaller companies can enjoy the benefits of franking and the ease of use and speed it offers in streamlining outgoing mail.



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