MFD Copier

Photocopiers have come a long way since their conception. The origin of of the copier dates way back to James Watt in 1779 where he invented a technique of transferring ink onto wetted thin paper to produce a photocopy. The photocopier machine as we know it today was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938. The copier began life as a xerography machine. Chester Carlson later went on to market his invention under Xerox Corporation. Xerox due to patent restrictions was for many years the only manufacturer and went on to become a household brand. Over the years other manufacturers entered the copier market and further developed the invention with digital laser technology. The modern photocopier is almost unrecognisable from its predecessor and often acts as a multifunctional device that scans, faxes, prints as well as producing copies.

If Xerox invented the black and white copier it was Canon who invented colour laser photocopiers. For many years the colour copier was the only way to produce in-house documents in colour and was initially very expensive. Today colour copiers are much more affordable and have become a common option in most offices. Essential for presentations the colour copier is normally the most economic way to produce professional in-house colour documents.

Today’s copier machines are multifunction devices (MFD’s) consisting of a scanner and printer in an all-in-one digital photocopier. With more communication delivered electronically, a modern copier can help provide document solutions. With the ability to scan to mailboxes and OCR (optical character recognition), the digital copier can transform the way your handling incoming paper documents.

Fast document handling also means that you can archive files quickly and efficiently by combining document management software with the copier. For printing the modern photocopier interfaces with networks and provides cost-effective print solutions. On top of all this, you can still copy documents as well.

A4 photocopiers will normally come with as all-in-one units with functionality built in. A3 photocopiers vary by brand and are often modular in price, with options for print, scan and fax offered as separate units.



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