Digital Franking

Many businesses have switched to franking machines, because of the polished professional image it gives their mail and also because of the huge savings this offers over the traditional way of posting envelopes with self-stored stamps. (A franking machine can ensure a cost saving of up to 37 per cent per item!) But now franking machine providers are aggressively campaigning for this business to upgrade their franking machines to a digital connection.

The reason for this is that the advantages of a digital franking machine far outweigh those of the older analogue system. As one can expect, the new digital version is faster, but a less well-known fact is that it is also a cheaper option.

Let’s first consider the speed factor: People often underestimate how much faster the digital version is and many people are surprised to learn that it is a thousand times faster and that work that used to take them two days, can now take them less than an hour.

Another factor that the quicker service ensures: fewer breakdowns during the process – which in turn increases the speed of the process. Also, when the analogue system has been stalled, it has to revert to the beginning of the process whereas the digital system simply continues from where it left off. In this way, even more, time is saved.

As for it being a cheaper option, franking machine providers point out that expensive copper wiring will now be replaced by fibre optic cable. Rental costs for the phone line now becomes obsolete, because the digital machines can use a Wi-Fi connection or LAN.

Digital franking also allows you to make use of SMART technology and this enables you to ensure a further mailing discount because of being able to adhere to Royal Mail’s postal guidelines. Furthermore, SMART technology also allows you to track your usage and you are able to claim VAT on it.
Users are often slow to move on from outdated technology: there is the costs involved and also the effort of moving out of your comfort zone. However, when refraining from installing digital franking, there is the risk of missing out on updates. This could be due to an oversight or simply because with the old analogue system the process of updating takes hours and this puts the machine out of action for that time, so users tend to postpone doing it.

Failure to update could result in momentous cost increases with the postal system if they choose the wrong prices on their mailing and this could remain undetected until it’s too late, and their post could be rejected.
For smaller businesses, there is also the spatial factor. Franking machines are stored out of the way and then have to be moved and manually connected to the telephone or fax lines, making it an onerous and time-consuming process. With a digital franking machine, this process would be streamlined, because the machine would not need to be moved.
And finally, there is the danger that the entire analogue network could be gone in the near future as more and more new users are obviously choosing to install the digital version.

In short, replacing your old analogue machines with digital franking machines is a no-brainer: it saves your business both time and money.



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