TomTom – Vehicle Telematic Tracking

TomTom are widely recognised as creating the first easy to use satellite navigation device. This invention had a massive impact, and the company has only grown since then. Today, TomTom is one of the largest internationally successful companies in the industry, and has some of the leading software and navigation products in the world – with over millions of customers. TomTom offers a range of services, including: personal navigation devices/apps, built-in automotive navigation solutions, location based products, map-making technology, advanced telematics fleet management and connect car services.

About Vehicle Tracking
TomTom WEBFLEET® is the company’s award-winning vehicle telematics service, which is a market leader for fleet management. Some of the features that WEBFLEET® boasts are: real-time updates about the position and movement of vehicles in your fleet, the ability to connect to and communicate with any of your drivers at any time, analyse and improve driving behaviour (including fuel consumption, speed, gear changes and more), save money on fuel and access a large network of 3rd party solutions. TomTom’s vehicle tracking service WEBFLEET® is currently used by over 49,000 customers, and keeps track of over 826,000 vehicles. Lots of clients have seen great success in a short time when they started using WEBFLEET® from TomTom to manage their business’ fleets.