Toshiba – Copiers, Laptops, Computers and TV’s

Toshiba began life as a telegraph equipment factory located in Tokyo in 1875.They are an electronic component manufacturer and have diversified into many different areas. Known today for its notebook and computers Toshiba has pioneered new technology from its foundation.

In the 1970’s they were a leading manufacturer of colour televisions. Toshiba in 1985 launched the first laptop computer and this became there core business expanded in 1989 with the introduction of the first notebook computer.

Toshiba didn’t enter the photocopier market until 1979 which is far later than their main competitors, they also fell behind in their digital photocopier range launching after main rivals had already had production rolling. However, Toshiba’s estudio copier and MFP range did find its niche in the market.

In 2017 Toshiba revealed a $3.4 billion loss due to nuclear construction liabilities. This forced them into selling their memory-chip business for $18 billion.