Which Telephone System

An efficiently run business relies heavily on the ability to smoothly communicate with your client base, as well as the rest of the company. Finding the right telephone system to use is key to achieving this. There are a number of PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, choices out there, which allow you to connect your companies phones to a single system. This streamlines your communication, making the day to day running of business a whole lot simpler. In this article, we’ll be going over some of your options to help you better decide which system would suit you.

On-site PBX Telephone System

The traditional, or analogue system is still widely used in many companies. This method of PBX requires on-site hardware, which will connect to all phone lines within the building. A popular choice for many businesses, the on-site PBX allows you to fully own the hardware being used, as many companies choose to run the system in-house. This will usually be looked after by the IT department from a specified comms room. The downsides of using the on-site option is that they are often custom made for the business and require a specialised engineer to fix any issues.

Hosted PBX Telephone System

The hosted PBX telephone system is the modern way to streamline your companies communications. This method doesn’t require any hardware onsite and is entirely done online. This option is maybe best suited to new or small businesses, as you do not require an in-house IT department to maintain the system. The exchange box is located with the telecoms company, which means you do not have to service the hardware yourselves.

IP-PBX Telephone System

Similar to the hosted system, the IP-PBX is another excellent modern choice for your business. This style of system can be implemented to switch between the online method and to use your local line, and can be setup as hard or software only. This method uses data networks to convert the voice and transfer it through the network as data packets, making the IP-PBX an efficient way to make and receive phone calls. In addition, the IPPBX is much like the traditional on-site option, as the business using it owns the system.

Hosted mobile PBX Telephone System

One of the benefits of using a hosted system is that you can take your business out on the road and still be connected to your companies PBX. Most companies offering hosted telephone systems will also offer a simple app, where all you do is sign-in and you are connected to the PBX. This can free up your team to work remotely if needed and will save you time and money when out of the office.

Choosing the right PBX for you and your company is no small matter. Each system can work just as effectively for different companies, depending on the scale of business. But rest assured, with all the different methods and options, the correct telephone system is out there for you.



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