Photocopiers For Sale

When choosing a photocopier machine there is a whole host of choices on the market. It’s important to distinguish between new or refurbished photocopiers and decide the technology as this effects running costs and procurement price. You should also choose between colour and monochrome and the maximum paper size you require.

New and Used Photocopiers

Photocopiers used to account as one of the major office expenses to be made. But with the procurement of copiers ever easier prices have tumbled. New technology and changing working habits have seen copiers marginalised and manufacturers have responded by including greater functionality. Buying a used copier is much like buying a used car and bargains can still be had with some low print count copiers available. However, because the cost of new copy machines has reduced savings are not as significant as they used to be and you may miss out on new technology that can reduce costs and streamline workflow.

Inkjet Photocopiers

Inkjet photocopiers exist at two ends of the market, large format and the most common small desktop photocopiers. Thermal Inkjet was accidentally invented in the mid 1970’s by a Canon researcher who had a soldering iron next to a syringe needle containing ink and noted that when the ink was heated it propelled. Today they form a very viable and reliable alternative to laser-driven machines. Because of the simplistic nature of the technology inkjet photocopiers are the least expensive option. Desktop Inkjet Copiers are ideal for home or personal business use. However running costs are much higher than laser photocopiers and replacement ink cartridges are expensive. Inkjet copiers offer a wide range of functionality, print, copy, scan, fax and are available in both colour and monochrome.

Laser Multifunctional A4 Photocopiers (MFP)

This has been a vastly expanding market with many businesses opting for A4 MFP’s instead of the traditional office copier. Purchase price is the main appeal of these devices and although running costs are cheaper than inkjet they are normally still cartridge driven and not as economic as toner fed devices. MFP’s are offered in both monochrome and colour. One advantage of this type of photocopier machine is functionality is usually built in with the ability to print, scan, fax and copy straight out of the box.

Laser Multifunctional A3 Photocopiers

The traditional office copier offers both a4 and a3 sizes and greater efficiency in running costs. These types of copier normally run on a cost per click basis with a comprehensive service agreement covering breakdown and consumables such as toner. Procurement prices are the highest of the three options although prices have fallen considerably in recent years. Often these devices are modular and the price varies on the functionality required. You pay more for each feature such as print, scan, fax and finishing. Available both in monochrome and colour. The real advantage of these copier systems is the running cost. Significant cost savings can be made on document output by running a higher end system and any business mass producing copies these machines are an essential choice.



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