Verizon Connect – Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a combination of four of the market leaders in fleet and mobile workforce management software companies (Verizon Telematics, Fleetmatics, Telogis and Networkfleet) in order to create a new single brand. It was only recently launched, and became official in March 2018. Verizon Connect aims to deliver first-class fleet and mobile workforce management services to its customers, functioning as a one-stop for vehicle software solutions. Verizon Connect intends to revolutionise, optimise and automate the way in which vehicles and people move between locations, creating a more connected world.

About Vehicle Tracking
Verizon Connect offers high quality fleet tracking and management services with a large number of features that customers can benefit from. As one of the leaders in the telematics industry, the vehicle tracking software that they provide is highly innovative. Their GPS tracking software offers a 360-degree view of your fleet’s activity for full daily coverage, increasing fleet visibility so that you always know what is happening. By keeping customers fully informed with this feature, as well as connectivity and data insights, they can improve their business fleet’s efficiency, productivity and asset utilisation. This means that resources and vehicles can be allocated in an effective way. Verizon Connect’s software uses the fastest web-based maps which can be accessed from any device in any location, provided there is an Internet connection.