Yamaha UC – Telephone Systems, Conferencing and Communication

Yamaha UC

Yamaha UC (formerly known as Revolabs) is a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, and are experts in communications and conferencing solutions for businesses. Revolabs was established in 2005 and offers businesses a varied selection of unified communications products, services and solutions.

About the Company

Yamaha Corporation was founded in 1887, and since its establishment has been a global name in audio products and musical instruments, among other products and services. Revolabs utilises the high standard audio equipment of Yamaha to deliver excellence in unified communications products and services. As of June 2018, Yamaha’s communications-focused subsidiary changed its name from Revolabs to Yamaha Unified Communications Inc. (AKA Yamaha UC).

Yamaha UC focuses on communications for businesses and organisations, and by targeting this specific area, helps your business to meet its desired goals and outcomes. Yamaha UC strongly believes that all organisations rely on some degree of unified communications technology, and it is of utmost importance to provide conferencing and communications technology of a professional-grade that can be used in these settings.

Yamaha UC thinks that collaboration in your business should be easy and effective, and with the right technology, this is possible. Solutions from Yamaha UC are specially designed to boost productivity for your business.

About the Phone Systems

Yamaha UC offers conference telephone systems, video sound collaboration systems, personal speakerphones, executive elite wireless microphone systems, USB and VoIP conference phones, wired and wireless microphones, and more. Yamaha UC’s products are appropriates for different types and scales of businesses, and there is a wide selection for unified communications business solutions, including state-of-the-art telephone systems.

Website: uc.yamaha.com